About Us

RISS Photography is an Australian and Family Owned Business operating in Sydney from last 10 years. We are a cutting edge modern photographers & cinematographers, using the state of the art technology in the photography field. We are always well versed in the latest wedding trends and bride & groom preferences.

Expert Wedding Photographer

We are a team of friendly and compassionate wedding photographers and Videographers are happy to shoot anywhere in Sydney and the Surrounds. We have extensive experience in wedding shoots with all cultural and ethnic backgrounds which includes Christian wedding, Hindu (Desi) Weddings, Muslim (Pakistani, Bangladeshi) Weddings and even Samoan Weddings.


Our Goal on a Wedding Day is to capture love, emotions and energy that brought two people together and capture all the beautiful moments which begin before this BIG DAY to ensure these memories are everlasting.

It is all about our Passion, Experience, Honesty and Relationship with our ability to connect with couples and their families to build a relaxed atmosphere of mutual trust and this makes us unique to create the memories which lasts forever.